Overview of 亚马逊(Amazon) Web Services

  1. AWS 已经有90几个劳务了。

  2. Six Advantages of cloud computing

    a. trade captial expense for variable expens

    b. beneift from massive economies of scale

    c. stop guessing about capacity

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    e. stop spending money running and maintaining data centers

    f. go global in minutes.

  1. Types of Cloud computing


  1. Global Infrastructure

     2018.1.31日, AWS 云在举世 18 个地理区域内运转着 五十个可用区,并颁发表署充实巴林、中国香江特别行政区、瑞典王国和米国第三个 AWS
GovCloud 区域那三个地段,同时再追加 12 个可用区。(超过1九十多个国家)

  1. Security and Compliance

     The AWS Cloud enables a shared responsibility model.

     Benefits of AWS Security: Keep your data safe,
aws提供高安全性数据基本。Meet Compliance requirements。  Save
money。Scale Quickly。

  1. Compliance

  2. EC2 SLA 99.95%

  3. EC2 Dedicated instances和Dedicated Hosts 区别

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Dedicated instances定价


      When you launch a Dedicated Instance, we can’t use the remaining
“slots” on the hardware to run instances for other AWS users. Therefore,
we incur an opportunity cost when you launch a single Dedicated
Instance. Put another way, if you run one Dedicated Instance on a
machine that can support 10 instances, 9/10ths of the potential revenue
from that machine is lost to us.

      In order to keep things simple (and to keep you from wasting your
time trying to figure out how many instances can run on a single piece
of hardware), we add a $10/hour charge whenever you have at least one
Dedicated Instance running in a Region. When figured as a per-instance
cost, this charge will asymptotically approach $0 (per instance) for
customers that run hundreds or thousands of instances in a Region.

那篇Blog是贰零壹叁年的,未来定价为运转dedicated实例 2$/hour.